An effective help against nasal congestion as well as against bronchiolitis and pulmonary congestion of the newborn.

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Thanks to you all who came to listen and support me in the stand of " Baby nose cleaner Belvital " in 2015. I hope to have brought you the enlightened and useful information, you could find the help which you waited for the good of your child. During my whole experience as a therapist through the years, I have been working with great pleasure with children and adults... See you again in 2016!

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Mr. Didier Gall – Masso-Kinesitherapist Member in good standing, F.Q.M. (receipts for insurance purposes)

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Montreal, Quebec
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 Who am I ?


Didier GALL

Certified Massage and Physical Therapist

Certified Aromatherapist

Member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes

Member of the Association Nationale des Naturothérapeutes

Education and Work Experience

  • I obtained a State diploma in massage and physical therapy* in France in 1984.This 3400 hours training uses a biomechanical approach.
  • I also have an inter-university diploma in respiratory and cardiovascular physiotherapy from Université René-Descartes in Paris (France).This knowledge was completed by a training in respiratory therapy at Collège Rosemont in Montreal from 2007 to 2009.
  • Since I've always been interested in plants and their therapeutic properties, I also got a diploma in aromatherapy in 2012. I use essential oils on demand during my treatments.Of course, the choice in oil depends on the problematic.

*Training explanation:

Within the scope of an individual therapeutic project, the massage and physical therapist is here to prevent or reduce the functional, physical and psychological consequences of deficiencies and disabilities from the onset of the disease through to reinsertion.The therapist can also prevent musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and genitourinary disorders.He is a well-being, relaxation and health management specialist.

Detailed biomechanical aspect of my approach:

Each joint’s movements in the human body are way more complex than those of a door’s hinges.In fact, each joint movement comes with sliding and rolling movements called micromovements which are essentials to healthy articular functions.Research in microkinesitherapy and practice of those small micromovements showed that restoring articular sliding movements was often more effective to relieve the joint than forcing it.

Followed by different movements, positionings and adapted actions of the body, these techniques will help you recover from any health issue or simply get you back in shape.

Being a therapist day-to-day:massing, treating, reeducating, giving physical therapyfollowing injuries, surgery (for example:hip or knee prosthesis), acute or chronic pain but also for various neurological diseases(for example:aftermath of a stroke, Parkinson’s disease), trauma (for example: fractures, burns),heart diseases (for example: medical rehabilitation in a specialized environment), vascular problems (for example:circulatory problems, heavy legs syndrome), respiratory illness (for example:infants bronchiolitis, bronchitis), rheumatic disorders (for example:osteoarthritis, arthritis).

My approach

  • Defining your needs together from a detailed health check.
  • Treating specifically your pain, discomfort and symptoms.
  • Helping you strengthen the new well-being achieved thanks to the treatments by suggesting simple and appropriate exercises.

Examples of diseases and symptoms that the treatments can help:

1. Muscular pain (nape, shoulders and the different regions of the back, upper and lower limbs)

2. Tendinitis, bursitis, capsulitis

3. Wryneck

4. Headache, migraine

5. Whiplash injury

6. Cervicobrachial neuralgia (pain spreading from the nape to the hand)

7. Carpal tunnel syndrome

8. Joint pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis

9. Limitations in amplitude of movement

10. Radicular pain (cruralgia, sciatic nerve)

11. Pyramidal syndrome

12. Acute or chronic low back pain

13. Scoliosis

14. Sprains

15. Pulled muscles

16. Plantar fasciitis

17. Tennis elbow

18. Stress, anxiety, insomnia

19. Circulatory diseases (lymphatic and vascular edemas)

20. Respiratory diseases (infant’s bronchiolitis, bronchitis)

I’m pleased to adapt treatments based on your individual needs to achieve our common goal, which isa better efficiency in each treatment so that you can find your equilibrium and well-being again. For this, I use:

1. Kinesitherapy (physical therapy: active and passive joint mobilizations, stretching, muscle relaxation, microkinesitherapy, techniques of muscle tensing and relaxing, proprioception, global and analytic strengthening, specific exercises)

2. Therapeutic Swedish massage

3. Massage with essential oils

4. Manual lymphatic drainage (1h for partial drainage, 2h for full drainage)

5. Chest physical therapy

6. Foot reflexology (some techniques)

Please note that the massages are also available to pregnant women, children and seniors.

All these treatments are chosen according to your needs by guiding appropriately your body's capacity to recover.A good awareness of what needs to be corrected is necessary to support and improve your health and your energy.

Furthermore, thanks to the multidisciplinarity of Altermed therapists, it will be my pleasure to guide you towards complementary or more appropriate care should you need it. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Didier GALL

Member of the Fédération Québécoise des Masso-kinésithérapeutes.

Member of the Association Nationale des Naturothérapeutes

Receipt for insurance purposes for massage therapy, physical therapy and naturopathy treatments.


80$/Adult treatment; 70$/Children treatment

+ 10$ for essential oils massage