An effective help against nasal congestion as well as against bronchiolitis and pulmonary congestion of the newborn.

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Thanks to you all who came to listen and support me in the stand of " Baby nose cleaner Belvital " in 2015. I hope to have brought you the enlightened and useful information, you could find the help which you waited for the good of your child. During my whole experience as a therapist through the years, I have been working with great pleasure with children and adults... See you again in 2016!

Biological cosmetics personalized: natural and ecological 100 %, without chemicals, nor fragrances, with ingredients of choice: organic plants of the Key of fields, hydrolats, oily macérats, biological authentic essential oil of the company Aliksir.

But also hygiene products to help during diverse affections (consisted to measure by an aromatherapist):

  • Respiratory (suppositories children, adults; ointments)
  • problems of skin (specific preparations for séche skin, eczema; rosacea; sunburns; wild fire(light))
  • and many other custom-made possible compositions...

     Biological cosmetics freshly made in Quebec.

Call up to 514-581-3534 to receive the price-list and from products and command(order):

To receive by e-mail the documentation on the offered products, please contact...

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Description of some flagship products:


Cream for hands (Cold cream):

Very pleasant, at the same time emollient and moisturizing sparkling(frothy) texture. The drought of elbows and dry skins generally also suits for the dry heels.


Jojoba: traditionally used by Indians for the skincare, hair, as well as to relieve wounds and burns. A certain similarity with the sebum of the skin indeed confers him(her) big virtues. He(it) is useful in particular for the control of the sebum (in term of appearance); interesting for all the skin types, it is a product rich in vitamin A (retinol) and Béta carotene.

Stearic acid: thickening

Beeswax: natural emulsifier (linking(binding) some emulsion)

GMS (monostéarate glycerin): natural emulsifier

Borax: co-emulsifier

Citric acid: antioxidant and acidifying nature.

Sorbate of potassium: food natural conservative(curator) (stemming from the sorb).

Essential oil: Mediterranean scents for the flavor(perfume), but also ...

For the tonic effect of the skin and the elimination of the dead cells(units).
To calm red patches, settle the skin (ideal for combination skin)

PH: 6

Cream for the body (cream Bodysuit):

Very pleasant sparkling(frothy) texture, possessing the same properties and the same composition as the previous one, but with lesser one émollience. Also suits for body massages. Ideal in winter for all the family!

Stick lip balm:

Soft texture, gives an interesting protection thanks to its composition:

Beeswax, vegetable Oil of sweet almond, shea butter, cocoa butter.

With or without essential oil (for the flavor(perfume))

Variance: scent of islands; boreal scent; ...

Hygiene products:

Description under construction!

















Why biological cosmetics?

The industry of cosmetic uses numerous additives the harmful effects of which on the health appear more and more to the consciousness of the consumers.

The basic products which are of use to the manufacturing of my products are biological and top-quality: vegetable oil, butters vegetables, hydrolats, essential oil etc.

They keep(guard) their freshness during a whole year at room temperature for some and for the refrigerator for others (see the indications on packagings)