An effective help against nasal congestion as well as against bronchiolitis and pulmonary congestion of the newborn.

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Thanks to you all who came to listen and support me in the stand of " Baby nose cleaner Belvital " in 2015. I hope to have brought you the enlightened and useful information, you could find the help which you waited for the good of your child. During my whole experience as a therapist through the years, I have been working with great pleasure with children and adults... See you again in 2016!


Belvital Baby nose blow cleaner

I advise parents to use this device.  It is actually a baby nose-blow device of a particular type (superior efficiency).  Thanks to the inhaling controlled by the mother, the father of the child or another person, secretions will collect in the reservoir.  A cap filter (cotton-made and changed for each operation) prevents secretions to rise up to the mouthpiece.


This model overruns various copies on the market:  

  1. its parts are easy to clean;
  2. the quality of its hard thick plastic allows a perfect repeated cleaning and a daily sterilization (10 minutes in boiling water);
  3. No complicated delicate pieces to block after only a few uses.
  4. no need to buy filters ... a simple cotton is sufficient to ensure genuine protection.


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                                        Unit-Dose Saline

Those unit-doses are available at any pharmacy and their prices are competitive !