An effective help against nasal congestion as well as against bronchiolitis and pulmonary congestion of the newborn.

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Thanks to you all who came to listen and support me in the stand of " Baby nose cleaner Belvital " in 2015. I hope to have brought you the enlightened and useful information, you could find the help which you waited for the good of your child. During my whole experience as a therapist through the years, I have been working with great pleasure with children and adults... See you again in 2016!


The release(clearance) of respiratory tracts is essential in the cure, at least as much as the grip(taking) of medicine prescribed by your doctor!

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It is important not to leave a lung dimensions(congestion), even minor, without trying to clear(release) secretions, because these can:

Favor a worsening: the secondary infection, even the pneumonia.
Develop the problem towards the chronicity (Asthma) _ click here _